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Are you in need of professionals for a bee’s nest removal service in Perth? Have you been worried about the presence of bees on your property? Did you know that bee stings can cause serious injuries that can be deadly? Do you want to get rid of the dangerous and unwanted bees nest in your place?

Generally, Australia has been a beautiful place for several bee species and populations. However, despite their amazing benefits, bees have been a big threat to people. Bee infestation has been quite a common problem in many places like Perth, WA.

Bees are dangerous creatures because of their painful and deadly sting. Mainly, they are aggressive when you disturb them or if they feel any threat. Therefore, you should beware of their attack if you have them nearby. Most importantly, contact our pest control experts immediately for safe bee removal Perth.

A1 Pest Control Perth has been around in the area for many years now. Specifically, our team specialises in bee removal and termite treatment in Perth. Call us now for a free quote and book!  See what our customers say about us on Google My Business.

When Do Bees Become Most Active?

Generally, unwanted bees are dangerous any time of the year. However, they can be more active and aggressive during spring and summer. These seasons are when they are busy collecting food.

On the other hand, these winged insects will hide during the cold seasons. Naturally, they will hibernate as a group to keep themselves warm. This is the main reason why they need to be extra busy saving food during the other seasons.

If your home is near bushland, you should be ready to encounter these pests. Since they go after nectar for food, they will love flowers. Like many homes in Perth, your place can certainly be inviting if you have flowering trees and gardens!

Never attempt to remove a beehive if you don’t know what you are doing. As mentioned, bees will attack and sting mercilessly to protect their home. Contact A1 Pest Control Perth for safe and affordable bee removal in Perth! 

Why Should You Never Underestimate A Bee Sting?

Like wasps, bees are undoubtedly dreadful because of their powerful and deadly sting. To explain, records show that they have been causing a higher number of hospitalisation annually. Their sting is too painful and can result in serious allergic reactions in some people.

Worst of all, some severe reactions to a bee sting can be fatal. For instance, their sting can be a leading cause of anaphylaxis. Specifically, this fatal reaction to a sting can quickly manifest several symptoms.

In essence, symptoms of an anaphylactic shock include rashes, swelling, nausea and vomiting, and difficulty in breathing. Besides, you will also have a weak or rapid pulse, dizziness, and low blood pressure. As a note, you need to seek immediate medical attention when you develop these symptoms after a bee sting.

Why Do Bees Love Your Home To Be Their Home?

Essentially, bees will need food and a beautiful shelter to build their colony. In the absence or scarcity of their natural habitat, bees can invade human territories. Therefore, they have been a problem in residential areas in Perth.

As a rule, Perth occupants should understand that bees survive in human homes and other properties. Specifically, they can build their hives in your attics, vents, hollow walls, and crawl spaces. These areas provide them with a strong shelter.

Without a doubt, bees are essential in the production of honey and beeswax. However, they can become too dangerous if they build their nests in your place. So, if you are looking for safe and reliable bee removal services in perth, call us today!

What Are The Most Common Bees Found In Perth WA?

One of the most common species of bees in Perth is the European honey bee. As a note, these bees are the major producers of beeswax and honey. But you need to beware of these bees. They are quite more aggressive than the other bees.

Because of their aggressive and competitive behaviour, they are more dangerous to humans. So, do not wait until you get a sting before you act on the unwanted presence of European bees. If you sight them around your property now, call us immediately!

Why Should I Leave Bee Removal To The Qualified Experts?

As mentioned, you should never try attempting to remove bees by yourself. Unless you are a bee expert, the task is too dangerous. Most cases of bee attacks are caused by people trying to deal with the infestation by themselves.

In essence, only qualified bee experts should work on a bee removal job. Particularly, it requires protective gear, skills, and experience to be safe. Remember that bees will attack to protect themselves!

So, never try to get rid of the bees if you do not know what you are doing. Do not even try spraying them with any shelf chemicals.Never put your life at risk! Contact us for professional bee removal in Perth! Leave the bees to the experts!

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Unwanted bees and their infestation have been a common problem in Perth. Unlike other pests, bees are too dangerous to confront. Unfortunately, a bee sting can get you hospitalised. In severe and rare cases, a bee sting allergic reaction can result in death.

For bee removal service in the Perth area, call our team A1 Pest Control Perth! We welcome your call for enquiries! Also, you can book over the phone or get a free quote!

Moreover, we also specialise in a wide range of pest control services. Specifically, our expertise includes termites, rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more! We cover all pest infestations in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

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