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Are you looking for professional rat removal services in the Perth area? Do you need to eliminate a rat or rat infestation from your property? Have you been searching for cost-effective rat pest control in your locality? Do you want local pest professionals with top-rated reviews in Perth?

Rats like cockroaches and other rodents are seriously dangerous at home and in business. In fact, they cause more than just property damages. Without a doubt, pesky rodents carry deadly diseases, fleas and viruses.

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Facts About Rat Infestation In Perth

Perth has been a beautiful home for a massive rat population that keeps on increasing exponentially. Primarily, you are going to find rats in the winter searching for food and warmth. Unfortunately, fighting rat infestation is difficult without the help of pest experts. Specifically, qualified rat control specialists know what to do. Because, like us, they have enough knowledge of the nature and behaviour of rats.

Generally, rats have fat bodies and are easily distinguishable because of their long tails. Compared to mice, rats have bigger bodies. Particularly, their length could reach an average of 9 to 11 inches, not including their tails. Rats are omnivores. Therefore, they can eat anything from plants to meat. However, the most favourite diet of these nocturnal rodents are grains, meat, and fruits.

Perhaps, you are wondering why the rat population in your property increases in great numbers in a matter of months. Well, these creatures are famous for being baby-making machines. In fact, they can have around ten babies in a matter of 3-4 weeks only.

Besides, female and male rats reach sexual maturity in a short time. Specifically, the females will be sexually mature after an average of 6 weeks. On the other hand, the male rats develop sexual maturity after eight weeks.

How Serious Are Rat Infestations In Perth?

Commonly, rat infestations in Perth have increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Truthfully, the closure of many establishments because of the lockdown caused rats to roam everywhere for food. As a result, they become a huge problem, particularly in residential areas.

Essentially, rats are a great danger to property and people’s health. For instance, these rodents can cause massive property destruction if they stay for long periods. Most horribly, they carry diseases that can harm you and your family.

If you see signs of rat presence in your place, take action immediately. As a rule, the longer you delay the solution, the bigger that your rat problem becomes.

Seeing a single rat scurrying around your property means that a family of these rodents has invaded you. There will be a number of them hiding on your property. Worst of all, their population can double a matter of months if you don’t do something immediately.

Never wait for rats to take over your property. Immediately, it would be best if you acted at first sight of their presence. Pick up your phone and CALL US, the local rat control experts!

For professional rat removal and other Pest Control Perth , you can reach our team at . We have rat control specialists to get rid of these creepy crawlies once and for all.

How Can Rats Damage Your Home In Perth?

Like mice, rats can cause stressful damages at home or any property you have. Naturally, these creatures have endless nibbling activities which result in property destruction. Worst of all, this damage becomes massive with a higher rat population.

Generally, rats are like mice that constantly chew anything to keep their teeth from growing. Unfortunately, when they are in your home, this regular damaging chewing activity will become your frustration. For instance, you may see damage to your clothes, books, wires, and furniture.

Worst of all, rats can cause a fire. They can chew your electric wires, which exposes the conductor. As a result, you could be stunned all of a sudden when your electricity blows. Moreover, rats build their nest with flammable materials. They use dry leaves, papers, and other light materials. Usually, they build their nests in your lofts, under eaves, attics, walls, and basements.

Furthermore, rat droppings do not just cause air pollution. They can also cause decay of the part of your property where they drop them. Specifically, they leave their excrements in hidden areas where they hide.

Don’t give rats a day more to cause more damages to your home or business. Call your local rat exterminators today for the solution. Specifically, contact us at A1 Pest Control Perth to get rid of these adaptable but disgusting pests from your property!

Rats Can Bring Many Infectious Diseases!

More than the property damages, rats are dangerous to human health. They are as filthy as cockroaches and mice. As they love scavenging in dirty areas, these rodents can bring your home or office dangerous pathogens. Unfortunately, the diseases that these bacteria cause can be deadly if the person does not get immediate medical help.

Specifically, rats are common carriers of bacteria that cause leptospirosis. Besides, some of the diseases they carry are Salmonellosis, Lassa fever, Tularemia, Plague, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.

In the case of leptospirosis, a million people around the world get the infection every year. Sadly, around 5% of these patients die of the disease.

Moreover, rats can also bring other infestation problems as they go in and out of your property. They can carry lice, ticks, mites, and fleas. Unfortunately, these other tiny pests can be another problem soon if you let rats stay.

Why Is Rat Removal Difficult?

No home or property is safe from rat infestation unless an effective prevention system is set. Particularly, rats are difficult to get rid of once they have settled and started building their colony.

Surprisingly, a well-cleaned home is not free from a rat invasion if they have nowhere else to go. Meaning, every property is in danger as these rodents look for shelter and sustenance.

Unfortunately, you cannot eliminate rats in simple ways. DIY methods such as simple traps and poisonous baits generally will not wipe them all out. Naturally, rats are clever creatures that have strong senses to identify danger. Therefore, you need professional pest control intervention if you want to obliterate every single rat in your place.

Essentially, only qualified and experienced rat exterminators like us can provide the best help. At A1 Pest Control Perth, we offer expert rat extermination methods to eliminate and prevent the return of these pests.

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In essence, you should not waste time when it comes to the problem with rats in Perth. The sooner you act to eliminate them, the better for the safety and health of your family and business. Absolutely, you don’t want to wake up one day with rats taking over your home or business.

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