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Is End Of Lease Pest Control A Requirement?

Did you know that end-of-lease pest control is a legal requirement in Perth, WA? Are you a tenant or a landlord who requires a professional end of lease pest treatment? Do you look for a trusted local pest control company that offers cost-effective services?

In Perth, WA, compliance with the end of lease pest control is a legal requirement. The leaving tenant or the landlord should make sure that the place is pest-free for the next occupant. It does not matter if you have pets or not. Absolutely, the law requires the conduct of pest control at the end of your lease.

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Why Is End Of Lease Pest Control Required In Perth, WA?

Pests have always been present where people leave. As a note, whether you have pets or not, your place is always vulnerable to pest invasion. Hence, it has to be cleaned and cleared of any irritations before turning it over to the next tenant.

Generally, fleas are the most common reason for the conduct of pest control before you move. Particularly, fleas and many other creepy crawlies like cockroaches and bed bugs are dangerous to humans. For instance, many of these household pests are capable of carrying infectious and deadly diseases. With the legal requirement on pest control, you should also think of the welfare of the next tenant. Doing end-of-lease pest management is a common courtesy. In fact, they want a pest-free home as much as you do.

Who Should Pay For The End Of Lease Pest Treatment?

Understanding who is responsible for the end of lease flea treatment and other pest control is necessary. In fact, the tenant and the landlord should have a clear stipulation of this requirement in the contract. In general, this responsibility should be included in the rental agreement.

Nevertheless, the government has a clear mandate to implement health and safety laws in the locality. As a note, the state provides specific instructions relative to this legal compliance among rental properties.

In Perth, WA, both owners and the landlords are legally responsible for ensuring a safe place for the next tenant to occupy. Specifically, it does not matter whether you have pets or not. Pest control should be in place as an essential need when you leave.

As a rule, always refer to your rental contract. It is particularly clarifying who should pay for the end of lease pest control.

When Should You Call For End Of Lease Pest Control?

A1 Pest Control Perth conducts end of lease pest control right after the tenant has left the property. Specifically, this makes the treatment even more effective. As a note, you can always contact us to book our team days before moving out.

Before our team arrives, it will be helpful if the place has no clutter or furniture left inside. However, we can still proceed with the treatment even when the furniture is still on the premises. You need to make sure that you have already cleaned all areas.

Particularly, we recommend that you clean the rental place a day before our pest control team arrives. Clearly, this is to make sure that the entire place is dry for the effective execution of our pest treatment.

Furthermore, you do not need to be on the property when we conduct the treatment. Meaning, even if you already have left, you can still call us for the job. For this, you can provide us with specific instructions on where to get the keys to enter the property. Besides, you can even leave your payment for our service in a safe place inside the place. However, you can also choose to pay it through a credit card or online.

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