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When did you have your last termite inspection? Do you have a termite barrier that needs a refill? Do you believe you may have made contact with termites?

Did you know that termites have constantly been dominating Perth? Are you aware that termites can affect properties in your locality? Do you need professional help to eliminate these destructive insects? Have you been wondering if you have termites and need a termite inspection in Perth? Would you choose local termite exterminators to deal with your termite problem?

Termites in Perth have been the most destructive pests every home or business wouldn’t like to have. Unfortunately, these pesky insects cannot be eliminated by any DIY treatment. As a rule, you need local pest control experts like us to eliminate them.

A1 Pest Control Perth has been helping Perth’s occupants in its fight against termites. As a note, the solution does not end in eliminating them once and for all. You also need to put up solid prevention or a termite barrier system to keep them off your property. Most importantly, you need a regular termite inspection.

At A1 Pest Control Perth, you can call us for a comprehensive termite inspection, treatment, and barrier refill. Our team provides the best termite treatment in Perth, no matter how huge their colony may be. Likewise, we offer a free quote over the phone.

Why Are There Termites In Perth?

Termites are of the same family as cockroaches. However, they have been commonly called white ants – even if they are not ants. Particularly, these insects are common in hotter regions such as Australia. They love our weather in Perth, and they will strive to stay.

Termites love warmth and moisture for their survival. They found this environment in residential and business properties. Absolutely, the human shelter has also been a good home for these critters.

These creepy-crawlies feed on cellulose-based materials such as wood. Therefore, when they hit your home, you can soon face massive damages. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to notice the presence of these insects until huge damage is done. Therefore, you will need the best termite inspection in Perth to stay in control and prevent termite damage.

Sadly, no DIY methods can exterminate these pests. In fact, DIY treatment can even aggravate the situation resulting in even more damages. For instance, termites can transfer from one part of your property to another when you disturb them.

If you don’t want to wake up one day with termites feasting on your home, contact us today! A1 Pest Control can help get rid of these atrocious insects by providing the best termite treatment in Perth.

Why Do I Need A Regular Termite Inspection?

As mentioned, it is quite hard to ascertain the presence of termites on your property. For instance, these pests will discretely start dominating through your floor up to your walls and ceiling. Meaning, they will gradually penetrate and eat every wood source in your home. Without a regular termite inspection, you will not notice them until there is big destruction.

Surprisingly, termites can spread quickly from one place to another. This creepy crawler constantly moves from a property to another. They are expanding their colonies. Hence, don’t be confident if you think you don’t have termites now. Sooner or later, they may be your next guest.

Termites in Perth are extremely mobile insects. As a note, your property is in danger if they are currently active within a 5-kilometre radius. So, wait until they’re done with your neighbours. You could be their next dining place.

How Often Should You Have Termite Inspection?

Truthfully, termites are one of the most challenging pests to confront. However, they are not as invincible as you may think they are. Certainly, there are many practical ways to ensure that these insects can’t consume your property soon.

As experts have always emphasised, a property should have a termite inspection at least once annually. However, it will be wiser to have it at least twice a year if you are in a termite hotspot area like in the hills of Perth.

With a regular termite inspection, you can eliminate the existing and approaching presence of harmful termites. Indeed, prevention is better than cure in dealing with these tiny pests. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss an inspection a year if you want to be constantly safe from termite damages.

How Do I See Signs Of Termites In Perth?

No matter how discreet termites work every day, they can still be detected in many ways. For instance, you can see termite holes in your wooden structure and also in your furniture. Besides, you may also see sawdust in certain areas at home.

Termites also develop wings that enable them to fly for transport. So, be scared if you see loose wings on your floors or windows. These loose wings mean that a colony of termites has already settled in and soon will wreak havoc.

There are many more obvious signs of termite presence that you can ask our termite experts. Most importantly, you need a regular termite check whether you see these signs or not.

Is A Termite Treatment Expensive?

A1 Pest Control Perth has affordable termite control packages. However, we need to assess first the extent of the termite infestation level in your property before we can provide an exact quote. Nevertheless, we guarantee the most cost-effective pricing in the industry for a termite management plan.

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property before executing any treatment. Particularly, we check using our advanced equipment inside and outside areas of your property. Therefore, we can certainly eliminate every termite from your premises.

Our termite treatment is environmentally friendly. So, we exterminate the termites without compromising the safety of people, pets, and the environment at large. For example, we use a non-toxic substance that can surely wipe all the termites out of your home.

Finally, we offer long-term protection against termite invasion. Our team can install a termite barrier system that will protect your property from the entry of termites. We have solutions for all your pest problems, and our team provides exceptional pest removal services and specialises in ant control in Perth.

For specific details of our termite control packages, contact us today. We provide a free quote!

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Termites have been long-time enemies of the occupants in Perth. Specifically, these pests have been causing the shocking cost of damages every year. However, these pests are just as vulnerable as the other pest if you take immediate pest control.

A1 Pest Control Perth has been saving countless properties in Perth from the termite invasion and destruction. Specifically, our termite experts have been top-rated in this field. To enumerate, we offer a holistic termite solution from inspection, treatment, and prevention.

We are your ideal choice for termite treatment in Perth, So call us today, and let’s get these pesky termites out of your property! Moreover, you can rely on our experts in eliminating cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, mice, and more!

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