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Wasp Removal In Perth

Are you looking for a pest control company in Perth for wasp nest removal? Do you have a wasp nest in your home or property that needs professional pest experts? Did you know that wasps are dangerous because of their painful and deadly sting? Would you need reliable pest experts to provide the safest solutions to your wasp problem?

Commonly, wasps and bees have been a big problem for the residents in Perth. Specifically, they have been invading residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Unfortunately, these insects are too aggressive and will attack when they sense a threat around their hives. The problem with wasps is that, unlike bees, they can attack multiple times.

Having wasps in your residential or business property is a constant danger. It would be best if you didn’t allow a wasp infestation to stay and pose harm any longer.

Do not delay your action, and call our A1 Pest Control Perth team today for an immediate solution! For our customer reviews, find us on Google My Business.

Are Wasps And Bees Are Different Species?

Many people have been confused with identifying bees from wasps. They both are dangerous insects because of their painful and deadly stings. Also, both have the same appetite for nectars. However, these winged insects are completely different.

One obvious difference is their appearance. Bees have a hairy body, while wasps have naturally smooth skin. Besides, bees’ meal includes pollen, nectar, and ripe fruits, while the wasps are carnivores in nature. Meaning, they can feed not just on nectar but also on other insects like ants, spiders, caterpillars, and more.

Wasps like human foods, too! You have to beware when you bring your food or snacks outdoors. Your food like sodas, ripe fruits, or candies can attract these insects. Particularly, you have to watch out when you are in a park, places near the bush, or anywhere that is famous for wasps’ attacks.

Finally, bees and wasps differ in the way they build their hives. To illustrate, wasps build their home using wood fibres while wasps use wax. Moreover, bees can only sting once and eventually die. Wasps can sting multiple times since they don’t leave their stingers on their victim.

Wasps are as harmful as bees because of their dangerous stings. Therefore, you should not allow unwanted wasps to stay in or around your property for another day. Keep your family safe from wasps by calling A1 Pest Control Perth today!

What Are The Most Common Wasp Species In Perth?

Without a doubt, wasps are everywhere in Australia, including Perth. Particularly, the climate in the locality is quite conducive for these dangerous insects to prosper. You can find several wasp species thriving in your area.

For example, hearing about the presence of European wasps may no longer surprise you. These species of wasps are absolutely on the top list in Perth. As a note, these wasps are opportunistic, competitive, and active scavengers. As an illustration, these insects can eat dead animals, fruits, other insects, including bees and human foods.

Besides, you would also encounter other species like the native paper wasps. Additionally, Perth also has Asian paper wasps, tree-brown paper, sand wasps, and mud-nesting wasps.

Unfortunately, these wasp species can sting and are too dangerous when they come close to humans. Therefore, you should keep these pests away from your home or property. Contact us, the licensed wasp removal pest experts in Perth, today!

How Dangerous Is The Sting Of Wasps?

Without a doubt, you should avoid a wasp sting. Like bees, wasps can sting humans when threatened. Their sting contains a venom that they inject into the victim’s body. Particularly, their sting is too painful and is going to irritate.

In most cases, a wasp sting can cause swelling and itching. Worst of all, it can lead to death in some cases of serious allergic reactions. Specifically, other victims may develop anaphylaxis that can be deadly if you don’t seek immediate medical help. To explain, it can cause breathing difficulty, nausea and vomiting, slow or rapid pulse rate, and loss of consciousness.

Do not wait until you or a family member becomes a victim of a wasp attack. Call our team today for an immediate wasp removal!

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In essence, A1 Pest Control Perth offers the safest wasp removal service in the Perth area. With years of servicing the metro, you can rely on the safety and quality of our services. Regardless if you need pest control in your home or business, we’ve got you covered!

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