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Are you in need of professional flea removal in Perth? Did you know that fleas are harmful to pets and humans? Do you require affordable and effective flea pest control in the Perth area?

Flea infestations are becoming more common year after year. Fleas have been a common problem in residential areas. Particularly, they can invade your home even if you don’t have pets.

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What Are The Reasons You Need To Remove Fleas?

Undoubtedly, fleas are harmful to both pets and humans. Not only do they bite, but they also cause pain and itchiness. Absolutely, flea bites are a potential threat to your health.

Removing these pests is not an easy task. Therefore, you can never do it on your own. In fact, you need professional help to ensure that no single flea or egg can survive and prosper again. Moreover, these pests usually hide in the enclosed areas and crevices, making it hard to eliminate them.

Truthfully, the fleas you see on the surface are not the entire population. There are hundreds and thousands of them hiding in the darkest corners of your home. So, killing those you see on your pets or your floors and walls won’t help at all. You have to reach out to flea removal experts for the complete extermination of these pests once and for all.

Do you have a flea infestation and need the safest and most cost-effective solutions? Contact A1 Pest Control Perth today!

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How Can You Identify A Flea Infestation At Home?

Factually, around 2,000 species of fleas are active around the world. Particularly, we have 88 of these species in Australia.

Fleas are parasites that are tiny and wingless that are around 1.5 to 3.3 mm long. Also, they have three pairs of legs and are usually dark reddish-brown in appearance. Specifically, these wingless creatures feed on the blood of other animals for survival.

These pests don’t fly, but their long and strong legs enable them to jump to reach their host. These parasites can jump up to 30 cm high. Unfortunately, with the ability, they can reach you or your pets easily. Moreover, they may also look like tiny brown insects with seemingly flat bodies.

As a note, these parasites can bite you or your pet as quickly as they can jump toward their host. Specifically, they can bite your pets at every five-minute interval. Obviously, this is the reason why you see your pets constantly scratching their skin.

How Do Fleas Reproduce?

Generally, the lifespan of fleas can range from 100 days to a year, depending on the environment. Unfortunately, the longer they stay, the more chances that they can breed even more baby fleas.

 Surprisingly, fleas reproduce at an extremely high rate. A single female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs while they are alive. Therefore, the flea population that can build in your home is horrible. In fact, you can have thousands of these critters in just a matter of months.

Fleas can lay eggs inside or outside your home. For example, they usually lay eggs in your floor coverings, pets, beds, carpets, and bedding. 

Call us immediately when you see these parasites on your pet’s skin or anywherein your home! A1 Pest Control Perth has been dealing with flea infestation for many years. In fact, we’ve successfully freed countless homes already from these pesky parasites.

What Are The Signs Of Flea Infestation In Perth?

Recognising a flea infestation at home requires keen observation. Specifically, you can start observing your pets because flea bites are itchy. So, a good sign is when you see them constantly scratching or licking their skin.

Also, seeing tiny dark spots on your pet’s fur that are moving is another sign. Besides, they can leave tiny dark droppings and white eggs on your pet’s carpet and bedding. Furthermore, you will see redness caused by irritations and scratching on the skin of your pets.

You should also not disregard when your pets start losing their hair. Unfortunately, fleas are usually the reason for that. Moreover, you and your family members will not be safe from their bites, too.

Don’t delay your call to A1 Pest Control Perth if you see these signs! The sooner you act on this infestation, the safer your pets and family are.

Do Fleas Spread Diseases?

More than the irritation, fleas can cause serious health problems. Both pets and humans are in great danger.

When these pests find your pets, the nightmare begins. Your pets will excessively scratch their skin because of their constant itchy bites. As a result, your pets will lose their hair eventually. Worst of all, flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis. The reason for that is their saliva that contains allergens. Particularly, you would see rashes as a sign.

Since they primarily feed on the blood of animals, they will stay longer on your pet’s skin. However, the longer they stay, the more that your pets can develop anemia. To explain, excessive consumption of their blood by the hungry fleas will cause their red blood cells to drop.

Another problem that these pests can bring is tapeworm infection. Specifically, this infection is common among cats. This happens when they have ingested fleas. As a result, your pet cats may lose their appetite. Also, you will see them scooting.

Most horribly, humans are also prone to a health issue that a flea infestation can bring. In fact, these pests can cause the development of typhus and plague. Furthermore, they are carriers of the cat scratch disease.

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In essence, fleas should not stay near your pets or your family in Perth. More than the inconvenience, these pests can bring harmful diseases. Therefore, you should not let them stay any longer.

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