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Have you been needing a professional bed bug removal service in Perth? Are you a home or business owner who has been troubled by the bed bug infestation? Did you know that bed bugs are difficult pests to exterminate without the help of pest experts?

Bed bugs have been an infestation problem in Perth. In fact, it’s quite troubling not just in the accommodation business like hotels and apartments. Absolutely, these pests have been a major problem in residential areas.

If you currently need professional pest control to eliminate pesky bed bugs, contact us today! Our team at A1 Pest Control Perth employs the safest and most effective bed bug removal treatment.

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How Can Bed Bugs Be Anywhere?

Naturally, the warm climate in Australia makes a good environment for bed bugs to flourish. Specifically, these critters love warmer temperatures. Therefore, they can be everywhere in tropical or warmer regions.

Surprisingly, bed bugs don’t have wings to let them fly. However, they can travel everywhere in the world. These bugs hitch a ride on travellers’ luggage. Particularly, they are the most common pests in hotels, hostels, apartments, and other accommodation establishments. However, you can also be bringing bed bugs to your home from a trip somewhere.

Particularly, we have been receiving increasing bed bug infestation control requests recently. From homes to hotels, bed bugs are quite a big problem in Perth. Not only are they irritating. These pests are absolutely difficult to eliminate with simple means.

Also, these creepy bugs will suck the blood of their asleep host. So, they can cause discomfort at night, resulting in stress and insomnia. Absolutely, you need professional pest control to exterminate them as soon as you realise their presence.

Why Are Bed Bugs Difficult To Remove?

As mentioned, bed bug removal in Perth is a difficult challenge. Firstly, bed bugs are clever insects. In fact, they can sense danger and will immediately hide for safety. Therefore, eliminating them requires expert methods.

Bed bugs will hide in tiny cracks and crevices of your bed frame, cabinet, or furniture. Usually, they hide after feeding from their hosts or if they sense any threat. Hence, making it difficult to get rid of them if you just do DIY methods.

Generally, there are several signs of bed bug infestation aside from their painful and itchy bites. For example, you will notice faecal spots and eggs in your bed or couch. Also, they will start smelling a musty odour if you have the infestation. Technically, these signs can help you trace these odious pests.

As a note, if you have a bed bugs infestation, it is wiser to contact professional pest control right away. At A1 Pest Control Perth, we conduct a comprehensive inspection first. Absolutely, this will help us determine the coverage or extent of the problem. By this, we can treat every area and exterminate every single bug, including their eggs.

Are Bed Bug Bites Dangerous To Humans?

Bed bugs are not capable of transmitting any disease. Clearly, it is contrary to what many people think about bed bugs. However, their bites can cause some health complications.

Simply put, bed bug bites have a painful and itchy effect. So, scratching the bitten area can trigger skin infections. Also, never underestimate the bites of these bugs because they can be at a severe level sometimes. Specifically, the bites of these blood-sucking insects can leave your skin an ugly red dots.

Worst of all, the result of their bites can cause you to develop secondary bacterial infections. For example, the bites can lead to cellulitis, lymphangitis, and impetigo. Furthermore, the discomfort that these pests cause can result in anxiety and stress.

Generally, you can identify bed bug bites because of their zigzag pattern on your exposed skin. Particularly, they will look like swollen red spots.

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Generally, it could be quite difficult to identify if you have bed bugs. In fact, many people would mistake them for bird lice and mites. However, we can certainly help if you are unsure if you have bed bugs or not.

In essence, A1 Pest Control Perth specialises in bed bug removal service. Specifically, we can even help you determine a bed bug infestation over the phone. Thankfully, our team of bed bugs experts are ready to get rid of these bugs once and for all! As a note, we only use environmentally safe methods to obliterate these bugs and other pests!

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