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Possum Pest Control

Do you need professional pest control for possum removal in Perth? Have you been troubled by the noisy and annoying possums at night? Are you aware that possums are protected rodent species in Perth? Do you need an experienced pest control company to get rid of a possum from your property?

Possums are annoying when they become noisy at night. Unfortunately, these nocturnal creatures have protection under the law. Therefore, you can’t just capture or kill these creatures to get rid of them. Legally, you need licensed pest experts to conduct the possum removal to avoid legal violations.

A1Pest Control Perth has been dealing with possum removal for many years. Specifically, we are trained and licensed to remove and relocate possums. So, you can rely on our team in case you need professional help today! Call us now for a free quote and to book!

Possums Love Human Homes

Like many other animals, possums have been running out of natural habitat to survive. As a result, they have to resort to building homes in human territories. Hence, they have already inhabited residential, industrial, and commercial buildings as their shelters.

In general, possums are as dangerous as other rodents such as mice and rats. Similarly, they are also natural scavengers. Particularly, they roam and collect food from dirty areas like the garbage bins and other filthy places.

As a note, possums could be your problem if your home is near water. So, you’ll have them if you are near a pond, a river, or even drainage with constant water.

For the removal of unwanted possums from your home or property, contact us today!

Possums Are Protected Species In Perth Western Australia

Essentially, the law prohibits the illegal capture and release of possums. Specifically, the Wildlife Conservation Act clearly states that only a licensed contractor can do a possum removal. So, never capture or harm these creatures if you don’t want to face legal issues.

Possums are a threatened species in Australia based on the Australian Environmental Law. Naturally, possums have a low survival rate when you transfer them to a different location. Therefore, the law clarifies that you can capture a possum from the roof, but you should release it in the same place.

In case of an invasion problem, capture and relocation of these rodents are the last resort. However, you should contact a licensed pest control company like us to carry out the job.

Technically, you need to comply with the legal standards for possum removal in Perth. You have to leave to the professional pest experts. You can call our team at A1 Pest Control Perth if you need help!

More Facts About Possums In Perth

Factually, Australia is home to 27 species of possums.  Unfortunately, a large population of these rodents have scattered across the country, including Western Australia. Particularly, the most common pests in Perth are the brushtail possums and the ringtail possums.

In general, possums cause a problem as they love to eat vegetables, flowers, and fruits. Therefore, they can be a big headache in sustaining your garden. Moreover, they love staying in upper areas like your roof, where they also build their nests.

Specifically, these pests become annoying and stressful at night when they begin running and fighting. Naturally, their territorial behaviour results in fighting other rodents. Worst of all, they are dangerous to humans and pets. These creatures become too aggressive when they sense a threat or danger.

Possums Are Nocturnal Creatures

In essence, possums are most active at night like rats and mice. Specifically, these marsupials are effective predators in darkness. Obviously, this is the reason why they are too noisy only at nighttime.

Strategically, possums choose to go out at night to avoid their predators. Particularly, you can seldom sight them in the daytime. Also, these rodents can eat almost any food. Their favourite meals include flowers, nectar, insects, leaves, fruits. Moreover, they will eat birds, other dead animals, and other small mammals. Surprisingly, they also like to eat reptiles and earthworms.

Additionally, possums are famous for their excellent skills in climbing high structures. They use their back foot, tail, and sharp claws to easily climb up and down trees and buildings.

Possums Can Transmit And Spread Diseases

More than the annoying noise at night, possums are a threat to your health. These rodents get in contact with disease-causing bacteria in dirty places. As a result, they carry and spread these pathogens to your home or property. Sooner, you’ll realise that an infectious disease begins to endanger your family.

Specifically, their droppings and urine can contaminate your home or office. Also, they can easily get into your pantry and infect your food supplies. Possums can spread diseases in any place they go.

In general, the illnesses that these creepy creatures can transmit are dreadful. For example, they can cause leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Moreover, they also can spread bacteria that cause tuberculosis and coccidiosis.

If you have a problem with possums, don’t hesitate to contact us at A1 Pest Control Perth today!

Get In Touch With A1 Pest Control Perth Possum Removal

Essentially, possums are dangerous rodents when they become an infestation. However, it would be best if you didn’t touch these protected creatures without the help of the licensed pest controllers.

 Get in touch with our team at A1 Pest Control Perth today for effective possum removal. Our team has the license, and we comply with the law in conducting this special pest control.

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